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Who We Are

KEYSTONE TRADE OIL AND GAS GROUP (”KEYSTONE GROUP”) was established in 2013 with a vision to become a leading globally integrated physical energy and commodities group.  The group was formed by Dr. William Hyatt Gordon (CEO) of Gordon Atlantic and Vito N. Mariano, MBA (Executive Director) of Lexcor Energy Ltd.

Gordon Atlantic, as a United Nations Global Compact participant, is an inspirational economic development company dedicated to the enhancement of the human experience and the strengthening of the quality of life of communities through the creation of prolific civic assets and opportunities.

Lexcor Energy, as a physical oil and gas global marketing company, meeting the energy needs of a rapidly changing world, is dedicated to the supply and trading of energy and commodities around the globe.

With this unique combination, the KEYSTONE GROUP has the Talent, the technologies and resource management to turn ideas into reality. When we see opportunity, we have the human capital, information technology and financial resources to seize them.

Our approach is founded in partnership, product quality, efficient logistics and competitive pricing.  We are entrepreneurial by nature and have a rigorous approach to evaluate risk, ensure compliance and maintain financial prudence.

The KEYSTONE GROUP has established partnerships with many companies that enable us to address the needs of clients who are interested in procurement, or to assist clients who require customers for their product.

Our network of global partners is always expanding.  This makes us confident that we can grow along with the needs and demands of your business and the particular market that you operate in.  Our activities, along with those of our partners and competitors balance the supply and demand for energy products and bridge the gap between producers, refiners and end-users, all of which contribute to the smooth functioning of the world economy.

We work together, collectively, to ensure that every shipment undertaken is seen to its final closing, smoothly and effectively.  We are able to act swiftly and decisively to meet the ever-changing needs of our various stakeholders and form external partnerships based on fair and mutually agreed upon objectives.  This along with our belief in being transparent and effective in our communication with our clients and local partners allows us the ability to transact with confidence and success.  We source and supply only the very best that the commodities market has to offer.

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