Your Link to the Oil & Gas World
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KEYSTONE TRADE OIL & GAS GROUP (“KEYSTONE GROUP”) was founded to be your link to the Oil & Gas World. We forge connections; we trade physical commodities; we help make deals happen and markets work.

The KEYSTONE GROUP is led by an extraordinary and well-prepared group of individuals, each with a diverse set of talents in various and complementary areas of business. We work as a team to achieve common goals and efficient transactions on behalf of our clients.

We take the challenges inherent in our industry and embrace them as opportunities as a result of our financial strength and strategic relationships. Our expertise allows us to react to current market or geopolitically driven trends and most importantly to anticipate others. This is possible because of our capacity to adapt to new situations, the flexibility of our team, our unparalleled approach to problem solving, and our determination to overcome any obstacles with cleverness and boldness.

These virtues make the KEYSTONE GROUP a successful organization. We are proud that our most important asset is the people that we have selected to fulfill our vision and ensure the satisfaction our clients.


To build long-lasting partnerships and deliver consistently high quality products and services.


Focus our energy for greater impact, stand with integrity and to be relevant today and ready for tomorrow.


To continue to be one of the world's leading independent commodities traders with a focus on emerging markets.


Our global reach means we have a presence wherever in the world energy is sourced, stored, transported, traded or needed.


Our local understanding means that we have a local presence through our partner’s network in order to ensure the proper logistics.